Personal Portraits

For the longest time I thought that senior portraits was the only time

I could reasonably get portraits of myself taken.

I had a lot of fun getting my senior photos done, seeing professional photographs of myself was so exciting. Senior portraits are personal portraits, but they are not the only time you can get portraits done of yourself. You don't need a special occasion or reason to have a fun photoshoot and get some great photos of yourself.

I love going out there with someone who is willing to get creative with me.
I love using fun extra effects to enhance the pop of an image.

If you're willing to be open and put some time into it

we will make some truly amazing art pieces with you at the center.

1 Hour Session 5 Digitals: $395

2 Hour Session 10 Digitals: $495

the average client spends $400-$1600 on prints and digitals after the session.