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in your next step


Step into your next chapter with confidence!

Every senior has gone through their own journey to make them who they are at the end of high school. There have been so many changes, and you might not even resemble the person who entered freshman year so long ago.
You are a new person ready for the next chapter of your life.


We will strive to capture that thing that makes you unique, we want to capture what makes you special. We want you to feel confident in who you are now, as you get ready to start on this next chapter of your life! 


Our sessions are stress-free, comfortable, and will leave you with images you will be so excited to show your friends and family!


Time flies when we're having fun! Your amazing teenager is about to graduate and start the next step in their journey! Seeing your child feeling confident and beautiful is such a gift. I remember my senior portraits was the first time I had professional photos taken of myself, I felt like a model! You can give that to your child when you pick a photographer that can make them feel comfortable and accent the best things about them.

I will give both you and your child hundreds of images to choose from, so you both can get your favorite images. You can print their photos and hang them on the wall so they will always be there even when they are away at college. They can print wallets to give to their friends, and download digital images to use on their social media accounts. It's a win win for everyone!