Mini Sessions

The best option for those on a budget

with their money or time

Mini sessions are awesome alternatives for those who want professional photos but don't really have a full session in the budget, or have little ones or pets that won't last through a full hour or two hour long session.

Mini sessions are shorter sessions, 10-30 minutes.

Each session comes with 5 digitals, and the opportunity to purchase more. A standard session with 5 digitals can cost between $400-$500, a mini session with 5 digitals costs between $200-$250!


Are Mini Sessions right for you?

Do you want professional portraits but cannot afford the full session fee? Do you not mind having fewer images to choose from and sticking to one location? Do you have a jam packed schedule and can't fit in an hour long session? Do you have kids or pets that wouldn't last through an hour long session?

Then mini sessions might be the solution for you!