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Backyard Boulder Wedding

Logan and Dalton got married on Logan's Uncle property. Logan got ready at his house, the ceremony was in the woods near a beautiful little stream and the reception was under a grand tent right outside the house with beautiful sparkly lights all around!

Logan and Dalton's wedding day flowed so well. All day just felt very calm, happy and beautiful. The energy around this couple was similar to the calming little stream they got married beside.

After their ceremony Logan and Dalton chose to have a very private personal moment of washing each other's feet nearby the stream. In turn they quietly removed each other's shoes and socks and lovingly washed their new spouse's feet. The lighting was beautiful and they were surrounded by lush greenery and tiny flowers. It was a truly magical scene and I felt very privileged to be one of the only people there to witness it.


The number of close personal moments throughout the day was astonishing. Logan had little gifts to give many members of both her and her new husband's families. Logan had a beautiful letter delivered to her groom, and one of her bridesmaids pulled her aside to give her the most precious gift of memories from their grade school days. Laughter and happy tears were flowing throughout the day. I am so happy to have gotten the chance to witness and be a part of so many magical moments.


Videography & Photography: Kara Cavalca Photo+Video

Venue: Her Uncle's Cabin

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