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Jenna Leanne - Winter Queen

First thing I want to say about Jenna is, omg she is such a stud! We hiked down into a canyon, in tons of snow, to reach a frozen waterfall and then she changed into her bright blue SLEEVELESS dress for this shoot. She was completely bare armed for the majority of the shoot and she not once complained or even seemed bothered much by the cold. Meanwhile my hands are freezing and my fingers started having some trouble with my camera controls by the end, but it was SO WORTH IT. I had sooo much fun on this shoot, I got to take mostly video while Gary Vandenberg did photography. Talk about fun and creative.

And of course, because it was just so beautiful down there, when the shoot was done my husband and I stayed back for a few minutes to take some tripod photos of us in the beautiful wintery landscape! Love taking a moment to capture us when we are out in these awesome places.

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