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Maddie + Zack Engagement Adventure

Maddie and Zack are two of my absolute best friends in Durango, and we have been waiting for this engagement for a while! I am so excited and happy for them!!!

So that made this session just a little bit more special, getting to capture some beautiful friends celebrating a huge moment in their lives.

Another great thing about photographing friends is they really really trust me, which allows me to be a little more creative and adventurous and explore new places. There were a few locations I picked out that they definitely were thinking "this looks weird but okay, we trust her" haha.

I am so obsessed with these images! This is the kind of shoot I would want to have with my husband, we are so lucky to just be constantly surrounded by beautiful places and the ability to get such wonderful outdoorsy images without going on a 4 hour hike. I will admit this shoot took a little longer than the standard 1 hour engagement session, so if this is something you might be looking for, a 2 hour session is the way to go!

Congratulations to my beautiful friends!!!

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Nov 20, 2019

Beautiful EPIC shots!! Love those mountain ranges and your style is gorgeous!


Nov 20, 2019

Absolutely gorgeous shots! Love the variety! 2 hour sessions definitely give more time for creativity :)


Nov 19, 2019

These are beautiful Kara. I especially love the ones in the forest...that light is amazing!


Nov 19, 2019

What an incredibly beautiful location for an adventure engagement session!

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