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meet kara

Kara Cavalca Photographer Videographer Photo Video

Hi, I'm Kara

Nice to meet you!

You know my favorite thing about imagery?

The connection. The connection to my clients, the connection to my subject, the connection to creativity and beauty.

When I look back on photos and videos I am transported back to that moment and I love having that solid connection back to those feelings, memories., and stories.

Now can I be real for a second?

Do you know why I love being a photographer?

Because it allows both sides of myself to shine! I am an introverted extrovert, I am a an adventurer who also loves to binge Netflix in my sweats all day long while doing some creative craft. Photography and Videography let me be both of those people!

When I am out shooting, I get to let me adventurous social extroverted side shine, and then I go back home and curl up in a ball of sweatpants

to be creative and edit everything as I binge watch every crime show I can find for 6 straight hours (or if it's a wedding video, more like 100).

It truly is the best of both worlds!

I am a lazy adventurer, an introverted extrovert, who LOVES stories.
(hint: my wedding story is below)


photo video film durango

Kid Kara


photographer videographer durango colorado

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, and yes that is me in the backwards visor above, I was a bit of a tomboy.

I grew up in beautiful Durango Colorado. In 2010 I moved to Philadelphia to earn my BFA in Photography from Arcadia University.


In 2014 I rushed back home to the mountains... for enough time to raise some money to travel with Up with People. 

If you haven't heard of Up with People, totally check it out it is awesome!


Anyway, I love to travel, but I always come back to my mountains.

In 2015 I got married to the most wonderful beautiful Brazilian man.

We had a very small wedding, just for us. One year later on our first anniversary we had another

little bit larger wedding, more focused on the guests and family.


We had different photographers for each wedding and they were two very different experiences.



Our first wedding, our photographer was a stranger that became our friend. He was committed to giving us the best experience for US. When I look at those photos I remember how wonderful that day was and how he added joy to our experience.

Our second wedding we hired a longtime family friend who was a photographer, but didn't do weddings for a living yet. It seemed like a nice trade, we got a lower price and she got to shoot her first lead wedding to gain experience. To make a long story short, it didn't end well. We did not get the same kind of friendly committed experience, it was more about them than us. We did not leave the experience with good feelings. Now even though we did like the look of some of the photos, they are tainted with the way our photographers treated us.

Though this experience was rough for us, and I still kind of mourn over the images we will never get to see, in a way I am grateful for it. As a photographer and videographer myself, it was a blessing to have both a wonderful wedding photographer experience and a

not so wonderful one.

I never want to make my clients feel the way I did with our second photographer. I strive to be like our first photographer. I want my clients to walk away feeling that they had a great experience and that I helped add to their story and capture it in the best way for them. 
When they see their images I want them to remember the magical day they had capturing them, whether that be a wedding day or a simple portrait afternoon with me. 

I want my clients to feel and be treated the way I would like to feel and be treated. It is their story, not mine, I am just a very lucky artist, grateful for the opportunity to capture a little bit of magic.


wedding photographer sparkles
Kara + Natan Wedding Model -37.jpg

I know right?! Living the dream

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