Portrait Sessions

I want to give you my best, but more importantly

I want you to get YOUR best.

When I am creating your images I strive to give you that personal touch so that the photos tell YOUR story, unlike any other. This begins by getting to know you as through an interview that explores the uniqueness of you and your relationships, and honors your special family and event dynamics. We finish with you getting to choose your favorite images out of my best so that you end up with


Each session comes with a viewing gallery of all the images,

digital credits to download your chosen digitals included in your package 

and the opportunity to purchase more digitals, prints and products.

30 Minute Session with 5 Digitals $350

1 Hour Session with 5 digitals: $495

2 Hour Session with 10 digitals: $595

headshot pricing

I love photographing love, and there is never a bad time to create art with your significant other.

Beautiful professionally captured imagery of your and your love makes the best decor, gift, or keepsake.

Selfies are great, but your love is deeper than a selfie! Let me capture your love in a way that captures who you are together, imagery worthy of the bond you two share.

Your family is always evolving, right before your eyes. It is hard to see sometimes when you are in it, but suddenly time has flown by! Don't let the only documentation of your family's evolution get lost in cell phone snap shots! Growing up my family only ever did one professional family photo session, and we have one of those images framed, but we don't have any artistic wall imagery of our family over the years. When most of your family photos are taken with phones or on tripods, they end up looking very similar, everyone does the same pose. I like getting some of those candid moments, those moments you want to hang up on your walls that give energy to the room, YOUR energy, of your family.

Let me capture the evolution and energy of your family, let me help insure those precious memories.

Pregnancy and infant-hood are so so fleeting. Babies grow so fast and you can never get that time back again. But you can freeze it in a moment, capture those fleeting beautiful moments in art that you can look back on and FEEL them again. Capture those beautiful big baby eyes in a lifestyle setting, for not only you to look back on and cherish but to share with your children as they grow, documenting each step in their development!

Celebrate YOU with beauty and boudoir! Discover (or rediscover) your confidence! Embrace your sexuality! Push your boundaries and bread out of your comfort zone! Pamper yourself because you deserve it! Boudoir is so much more than sexy imagery, boudoir takes society out of the picture and gives you back the power to embrace your beauty. Everyday society judges women based on sexuality. We are judged on our clothing, make up, whether or not we smile enough, everything! We are judged on so many things, and a crazy percentage of those things link back to sexuality. When you choose boudoir, you are taking society's opinions and throwing the out the window! You are able to express yourself and your sexuality in whatever way fits YOU! You can be as feminine and seductive as you want, without feeling judgement, objectification or shame. When you choose boudoir, YOU define sexy.

From personal branding, head shots, seniors, to just wanting some beautiful fun photos of yourself.

I love photographing individuals, getting to know them, bringing out their personality and letting it shine in beautiful professional imagery. 

In today's world we put ourselves out there every day, on social media, through personal brands, businesses, job interviews, the spot light is on us! So put your best self forward! Let me help capture you in the best light, flatter your best attributes, bring out who you are and showcase it as art!

You are the main character of your story, I want to give you beautiful illustrations.

Do you want professional portraits but cannot afford the full session fee? Do you not mind having fewer images to choose from and sticking to one already determined location? Do you have a jam packed schedule and can't fit in an hour long session? Do you have kids or pets that wouldn't last through an hour long session? Then mini sessions might be the solution for you! Click the link above to learn more!