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A Miraculous Couple, A Miraculous Wedding Day

I have known Erin (the bride) for as long as I can remember, and I graduated from high school with Gus )the groom). You would think that would be enough to make this day a memorable one, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

In 2015, while driving home from another friend's wedding, Erin and Gus got into an accident between Durango and Silverton. Gus came out of it relatively uninjured, but Erin had to be air lifted to Farmington where they had to perform emergency surgery. It was really scary there for a while, she had quite a bit of damage to her head and we weren't really sure if she was going to make it. After getting through the scariest times in Farmington she was moved to Denver where she was admitted to one of the top rehabilitation centers. There she began to relearn how to walk and talk and be herself again. It was a long journey, but they had so much support.

Gus was there every tiny inch of the way. He would drive up to Denver weekly to be with Erin and support her family. He was 100% dedicated, and never gave up on her even for a second. He stuck by her side as she relearned how to communicate and function in every day life. One thing to know about Erin is she has always been tough, always been feisty and resilient, and she was so strong and fought so hard through this whole process.

That was only three years ago. Her recovery was miraculous.

And so when she was ready, Gus proposed, and she said yes.

Talk about crying through my whole editing process!!!

These guys are so amazing, their ceremony was full of love and laughs and personal touches. The air was buzzing with emotion. Everyone there knew what this couple had gone through to get here, and you could feel the magic of their connection.

There is just so much to say about this couple, about this day, but I feel like the video portrays it all better than I can with words.

If you normally just watch teasers and can't get through a whole wedding video that isn't your own, this is one to sit down and watch. Their story is amazing.


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1 Comment

Lynda Ferrell Shuler
Lynda Ferrell Shuler
May 16, 2021

You do such beautiful work!! Wish we lived closer. I would have you

do some family pictures for us!

Lynda Shuler (she/her/hers)

(Morgan’s mom)

Asheville, NC

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