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Be Creative at Home!

Here are some fun ways to get creative while you are staying safe at home!

I have been finding that my best moments in quarantine are those where I am being creative in some way, so I wanted to share some things to do to tap into your creative brain and make something while you are staying safe at home!

  • Got some old magazines? Put together a mood board or just fun collage.

  • Work on your photography skills chasing cool light around your house.

  • Take some self portraits to explore both photography and yourself!

  • Paint! Paint an old mug, or a wall, or mix this with your collage work.

  • Take an online painting class or tutorial.

  • Bake something fun to make and to eat! Like those colorful cupcakes!

  • Get creative in your yard, landscaping or decorating.

  • Rearrange a room in your house!

  • Try out some of the cool video apps available to create a story of your quarantine!

  • Do you have tons of T-shirts that are sentimental but you don't wear and now they just take up space, make a T-shirt quilt!

  • Make up a new game to play with your quarantine mates.

  • Try your hand at a recipe you have been meaning to try!

  • Make up a new recipe with ingredients you have available.

  • Check out to see what kind of fun stuff you may be interested in learning to stay creative.

  • Create some fun cards to send out to healthcare workers or seniors stuck at home!

  • Write a short story or a journal of your thoughts and feelings.

  • Whip up some peanut butter play-dough and sculpt some fun creatures!

  • Keep finding ways to stay creative and have fun!

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