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Brittany + Tom Deep Creek Ranch Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Brittany and Tom got married at Deep Creek Ranch, which also happens to be where they live, making it the most beautiful, meaningful place for them to get married and it was perfect!

Brittany and Tom, like many other covid wedding couples, had a much larger wedding originally planned, but I think this intimate little wedding ended up being the perfect celebration for them!

They had their ceremony under a beautiful arch, in a beautiful little patch of trees, the whole thing had this midsummer nights dream fairytale nature feeling. Brittany wore a dress she could dance in, that both highlighted and distracted from her beautiful little baby bump. Tom wore a stunning blue suit that was delivered tailored to him earlier just that day! 

Something else I didn’t mention about their ceremony spot is that they were next to their alpaca enclosure. As they started their ceremony the alpacas all gathered at their little fence, as if they wanted to be part of the celebrations. (It was so awesome!)

They shared beautiful vows, they shared rings, they shared laughs and tears and kisses, but they were not the only ones to share as part of their ceremony. After Brittany and Tom had promised themselves to each other through vows, rings and kisses, they sat down with their family. 

In the center of the seating was a rock covered in numerous little objects. One after another each family member got up and shared what object they had brought to give the newlywed couple. They shared meaningful stories behind each object, what it meant to them and what they hoped it would bring the bride and groom in their new life together. Some objects had rich personal histories, some had special symbolism, and some just represented an idea. 

I will say one little sharer stole the show, Brittany and Tom’s daughter, who is around 5 years old, got up to share her object. Since she hadn’t actually brought an object or planned anything ahead of time, she would just grab something from the ground and continue to tel the most beautiful, adorable, made up meaningful stories about the history and meaning of these found objects. It was really amazing because she obviously had taken mental notes through everyone else’s stories and incorporated those ideas into her own, things like “a long time ago when I was little, we were hiking, and my dad gave me this rock…” and is was just so dang cute!

Once all the beautiful stories and sharing was over we transitioned to a bit of food and drink before planting Brittany and Tom’s wedding tree!!! I love this idea, planting a tree to symbolize your new union, something that will grow and change along with your relationship.

But this was not a small tree, it was pretty large already actually, so it took help from everyone to get it planted, which I thought was another great bit of symbolism!

One thing that was so beautiful to me about this wedding, was just how calm and organic and go with the flow everything was. It never really felt like going from one event to the next, everything just flowed into the next thing, and I hardly even needed to pose anything. Brittany and Tom could just dance through their day and I got to just capture them where they were doing what they were doing, because they just kept being cute and cuddling and loving on each other the whole time. Plus everything was beautiful from every direction!

I will say I asked them to go stand or dance in certain places, sometimes the light was really good in that spot, or there was a beautiful frame, but after that I would just give them a little bit of direction and then just let them be themselves. 

All day just felt so carefree and joyful, exactly how you’d expect a beautiful intimate wedding on a family ranch to be. Congratulations Brittany and Tom on such a beautiful union!!!

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