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Chloe + Andrew - Love is not cancelled.

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


Love is just beginning

Chloe and Andrew just had the most wonderful joyous energy all day, they were just glowing! The energy in Chloe's beautiful getting ready room at River Bend Ranch was just pure positive, chill, happy vibes. Chloe and her girls all did their own hair and makeup, and I have to say they did an amazing job!

Chloe was giving me some serious royalty vibes in her gorgeously unique dress and AMAZING family heirloom veil! You guys, this veil, was, AMAZING! Her grandmother MADE it, it has three layers, AND the longest layer is removable!!! I mean seriously, most amazing veil I have ever seen. I don't want to blow by the dress though, because as amazing as her veil was her dress was also incredible. It looked like vintage meets modern meets Chloe. It was like a little tighter fit flower lace dress with a flowy polka dot sheer dress over it, it is hard to describe so I'll just show you.

Andrew and his groomsmen were dressed to the nines with all the amazing little details, kilts, pins, special sock ties, small daggers, personal fur belt pouches, bow ties, so so many cool details! Not to mention Andrew's amazing hair!!!

This wedding is my first 2020 wedding that still ended up happening on the same date it was originally scheduled, which is SOOO special because this date (7/9) happens to have been their 7 year dating anniversary! That same date with continue to be their anniversary for the rest of their lives! So you see why it was so important to these two to keep their original wedding date in spite of covid. They did have to pair down their guest list quite a bit, and lots of quarantine prep work had to be done, but it was all worth it! Because now their anniversary date for the past 7 years can be their wedding anniversary date as well! I mean how freaking cute is that!

There was one particularly unique moment, a little less on the happy side, that we had during Chloe and Andrew's portrait time. Chloe and Andrew traveled to Durango with their two little dogs, but sadly they will be leaving with only one. Upon arriving to Durango one of their fur babies sadly passed away. Luckily Chloe has family ties to River Bend Ranch so they were able to give him a beautiful little burial site not too far from their ceremony site. So after the ceremony and formal family portrait time was over, Chloe, Andrew, their other pup Freddie and I headed over to "Caesar's Spot". We were able to still include him in their day by visiting his grave and taking photos with him in spirit. Laying what would have been his wedding day doggie bow tie on his grave, we were able to include him in a formal photo after all.

Dogs played many roles in this wedding day. In fact there was a little dog show during the reception. Chloe and Andrew had the most entertaining reception I have ever been to, and by entertaining I mean they had a lot of entertainment. Not only was there a dog show, but they had a family member do a beautiful dance performance, there was an aerial lyra performance and even magic! There were so many fun things to watch throughout their evening!

Chloe and Andrew just had the most beautiful day, so full of love and joy! Their love and connection was clear through every detail of their day, and after 7 years together, I think it was the most beautiful way to celebrate each other in marriage!

Congratulations again Chloe and Andrew!