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Courtney + Adam's Rainy Mountaintop Adventure

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Courtney and Adam hired me for their wedding way back in February. They told me of their plans to take a jeep tour up the mountains of Ouray and get married on a peak because they are adventure people. That is my kind of people, I got so excited about these images. Then in May she contacted me to say that the whole family had kind of fell on hard times and they wouldn't be able to pay many of their vendors (me included) the final payments for our services. I could tell in the email she was devastated by this, and I knew that photos were so important to her, and I had been so excited about this wedding myself! They had given me a retainer, and since it was too late to book another wedding on that date (which is why retainers exist), I told her I would come up and cover as many hours as the retainer would pay for. I don't like the idea of a client's money being spent on nothing.

Good news was the Switzerland of America Jeep Tour was not one of the vendors that got cut out, they had already been paid in full. So I drove up to Ouray, met Courtney for the first time, and got in the fun red jeeps with all their friends and family.

It was a very fun adventure, I had actually never been on a jeep tour like this before. I'm not sure if you'd been to Ouray, or out towards Silverton, but there are these amazing red mountains. As we reached the ceremony location one of these beautiful red mountains appeared as their backdrop! We got everyone out of the jeeps, and it looked like a storm was rolling in so we got the ceremony rolling too.

I think storms in the high country are absolutely beautiful! They look so epic and powerful and I thought it fit the epic feel of their ceremony so well! It did mean they had to speed things up a little and we had to rush through some bride and groom portraits to avoid being poured on, but it was all totally worth it!

I feel so happy to have been able to give Courtney and Adam some beautiful images of their day, even though I was only able to be with them for 2 hours, it was an amazing experience and I loved every second of it. Thank you Courtney and Adam for giving me such a fun adventurous opportunity.

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