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Debra + Brandon Adventure Engagement

Okay I cannot talk enough about adorable these two are and how I just wanted to keep photographing them forever haha. I will try not to use the word adorable too many times in this post, but no promises because, look at them.

Deb and Brandon brought their maid of honor along to their engagement shoot, and she was SUCH a great assistant, and she can attest to the fact that I was pretty much losing my mind the whole shoot over how cute these two are.

I mean the love just pours out of their faces.

I absolutely CANNOT wait for their wedding next year, I just can’t wait to photograph them again, they made it so fun and easy!

So I’ll just stop there and show you the photos or else this will just end up being a really long post of me gushing about how cute and awesome and fun and nice and wonderful these humans are. So I’ll just explain through imagery!

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