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Hannah + Jon

Hannah + Jon

Ridgewood Event Center

I know I always say the wedding I shoot are overflowing with love and joy and happiness, and that is true, but Hannah and Jon's wedding was just another level of that!

Bringing that west coast flair from California, Hannah and Jon are the LIFE of the party, and they partied it up all day at Ridgewood Event Center and Blue Lake Ranch.

Heirlooms (coordination and design) with help from Linnaea Design (florals) and Durango Party Rental did an amazing job making everything look beautiful!

Durangourmet (catering) and Skillfully Decadent (cake and desserts) helped add beauty and flavor to the day through their delicious contributions.

Stephen Sellers (DJ) and Thirsty Rooster (drinks) kept the party going and the delicious signature drinks flowing!

BreeAnne Kelly from The Chair (hair and makeup) along with a phenomenal Novella Bridal dress had Hannah looking drop dead gorgeous!

Jon looked good in his stunning blue suit from Hall Madden who apparently decked out multiple guests! It was a sharply dressed crowd!

Their day was just so beautiful and full of lovely fun surprises and personal details.

Their ceremony was very unique because of one of these surprises, or I guess many surprises.

Officiant, Uncle Tom, had been working with the guests to create a one of a kind immersive ceremony experience. He had connected with multiple friends and family members to surprise Hannah and Jon with "toasts" you could say, sprinkled throughout their ceremony. Uncle Tom wove these cute anecdotes and blessings throughout the ceremony, asking friends and family to stand up and take part with a preselected tidbit to add to the day.

There were stories about Jon and Hannah meeting, about how good of friends they were to those they loved, how independent and strong they were, and more!

It was truly a beautiful way to celebrate them!

But that was not the only surprise Uncle Tom had up his sleeve!

After dinner (which was delicious by the way, Durangourmet NEVER disappoints)

After all the lovely toasts (which were all a great mix of funny and meaningful, as a perfect toast should be)

After the cake was cut and cupcakes were eaten

After first dances were danced (and a few "played" haha)

There was another surprise.

Now to preface this surprise I need to tell you something about Hannah and Jon.

They love singing and dancing, and therefore they love the theater and they love musicals.

A particular favorite musical around this time of their life was

The Greatest Showman.

They used songs from the show to walk down the aisle even.

And one song in the show, I can't even think about without tearing up because it is just so beautiful and powerful.

That song is called, From Now On.

So the last surprise was Uncle Tom coming out, in a top hat and blazer with a staff just like Hugh Jackman's character in The Greatest Showman.

And they played From Now On.

Everyone was in on it and they made it a musical number,

it felt like a musical come to life!

It was exceptionally beautiful, meaningful, and such a wonderful note to end such a beautiful wedding day on.

So congratulations Hannah and Jon,

I wish you all the love and happiness From Now On.

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