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Heather + Ian Fairytale Fantasy Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Heather and Ian had such a fun, joyful, unique, beautiful wedding day!

With all the pandemic wedding complications that these two had, their wedding had felt so far away for so long! These two definitely deserved the amazing wedding day that they had, I am so so happy for them!

The amount of love, not only between Heather and Ian, but between all their family and friends there with them, was incredible! Everyone wore masks, (even the bride and groom wore masks as they mingled with their guests), everything was outside, everyone stayed socially distanced between groups, and all of this just made everyone actually feel closer. Everyone was so respectful of everyone else's comfort levels and needs, all brought closer together by their shared love of Heather and Ian.

Heather had a few of her bridesmaids not be able to make it due to COVID, one of these bridesmaids however was still able to be a part of the ceremony through facetime, Heather had another friend carry the phone down the aisle with them so that she could be included. This wasn't the only caring personal touch she had in regards to her bridesmaids however. Heather had each bouquet, including her own, custom made out of everyone's favorite books from Etsy site My Cotton Branch, my favorite was the Harry Potter bouquet, I recognized the chapter font instantly! (Oh and one petal said Hagrid!)

Ian had plenty of personalizations between him and his groomsmen as well. Second wedding I've ever shot where the men's formal wear was full Scottish kilt formalwear and I loved it! Ian even had a sword that he used to cut the cake, on which were little D&D cake toppers that Ian hand painted himself.

It was so fun hearing all the wonderful stories loved ones told during toasts. So many people wanted to get up to the mic to share their love for Heather and Ian, I am telling you guys the love was literally overflowing at this wedding! Later in the evening, a spontaneous caber toss started up, and that really just seemed to define the vibe of their wedding, fun, relaxed, spontaneous and joyful!

Hair and Makeup: Mikayla Charnly

Cake: Jamie Meltz

Dress: Azazie

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Sep 14, 2020

Well that looks like an absolutely magical blast of a good time! So beautiful. Congrats Heather and Ian!


Sep 12, 2020

Such a beautiful wedding you got all the most precious moments. Thank you and loved all your photos definitely will recommend to others.


Sep 12, 2020

Such a beautiful wedding. We weren't able to be there, but these photos will be a wonderful reminder of this great event. Thank you for taking such amazing photos of Ian and Heather's wedding. :)


Sep 12, 2020

Such a beautiful, beautiful day! Lovely pictures and lovely people. Congratulations Heather and Ian! We love you! Rob and Delaney

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