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Jessica + Corey's Magical Backyard Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I cannot express enough how magical Jessica and Corey's wedding evening was. I admit I may be a little bias because there were so many elements that reminded me of my own wedding, the intimate nature, the backyard scene, the stress free environment of just close family, the eloquent officiant who went above and beyond with their stories and connections, the involvement of guests and family in the ceremony itself, it was just all so magical and beautiful and meaningful.

So as I am sure you picked up on, from the title and my connections to my own wedding, Jessica and Corey got married in their backyard. Though I feel like that statement is a bit misleading, I don't know about you but when I think of backyard, I think fenced in, green grass, a few trees, maybe a patio or something, but that is not Jess and Corey's backyard at all. No, Jessica and Corey's backyard is tons of beautiful, natural, southwestern land. They have beautiful trees, grassland, cliffs, rocks, even a little valley is on their property. Their ceremony was surrounded in beautiful trees, near the edge of a beautiful cliff, all bathed in beautiful light.

Their ceremony itself was amazing, Jaime Becktel of Southwest Ceremonies did an incredible job getting to know Jessica and Corey, getting to know their story and the history of the land we were on and she just wove together such a beautiful intimate ceremony, here is just a little taste of how personal Jaime gets in her ceremonies as she tells the story of Jessica and Corey.... "They met in 2011 at a wine bar in Kennebunk, Maine. Corey had just begun a PhD program and Jessica had just moved back to Maine from Rhode Island. They fell in love, and started getting after it... backpacking, hiking, road trips, running half-marathons, collecting rocks on the frozen beaches of Ogunquit, Maine; buying and refurbishing a home, planting flowers and vegetables; coordinating mini vacations around each other’s trainings and conferences. They kayaked the Florida keys, they stayed on a rice farm in Chang Mai Thailand, visited an elephant sanctuary and Thai temples. They continued their individual education and the expansion of their careers - Jessica opening a massage studio and traveling to India to study yoga and Corey finishing his PhD before accepting his current position at Fort Lewis College. All of that in 9 years of life.

They were engaged in 2017 in Mt. Hood Village, Oregon, in front of a fireplace in the "Happy Nest" cabin where they celebrated with champagne and walked to the nearby roadhouse for dinner and live music. Corey moved to Durango in August of 2019 and later that fall they sold their home in Maine, Jessica moved to Colorado in December and in March they closed on their new home… just in time to maneuver the coronavirus lockdown. From the time they moved in they have been extremely busy making their house a home and tending to the land, and this time, along with the entirety of their timeline illustrates how well they support each other - as individuals and as a couple."

Their whole ceremony was this personal, this in depth, this meaningful.

Imagine all these beautiful words, meaningful stories, special promises and unique moments such as Jessica's father playing a song for them on his Native American flute, her mom also read a beautiful Apache prayer as well as Jessica and Corey planting a tree together that will grow in their new home, just as their love grows in the years to come, all this surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings in magical light, surrounded by those closest to you.

I hope the imagery I captured can show even just a percentage of the beauty that this evening held. Congratulations Jessica and Corey on such a magical beginning to the rest of your lives!

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10 commentaires

02 sept. 2020

These photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you for so beautifully capturing the energy and emotions of the day to look back on and to share with others who could not make it.


27 août 2020

Kara, Some of the family could not join us for this special day. But the way you captured before, during, and after the wedding ceremony , now so many are able to see the beauty of the country, and Corey and Jessica sharing their love and vows on their homestead. I had over 100 posts responding to my page with your link with the photos. There were at least 50 posts commenting on the beautiful pictures you took. Thank You for making Corey and Jessica's day a memory we can share and remember forever. Thank You!


27 août 2020

Your beautiful photos captured all the special moments so vividly. It will be wonderful to enjoy these amazing photos for many years to come, which will help to always remember this most special day in the lives of Jess and Corey.


26 août 2020

Kara, you're an absolute wizard with your camera! I cannot believe how perfectly you captured this ceremony. Unbelievable. You somehow managed to bottle the light! This was SUCH a special day, in such a gorgeous location, with such sweet people and it was truly a bright spot during these uncertain times. If and when I get married my dear, you are my number one choice for a photographer. Gaaaaaaa.... those rainbows and light leaks!!!!!


26 août 2020

I love the photos! You captured every emotion Jessica and Corey experienced.. Viewing the photos will always take me back to that wonderful Day. Thankyou so much for such beautiful memories.

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