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Julia + Tyler's Minimony of Love

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Julia and Tyler had an amazing little ceremony, "minimony" up at Dante's at Purgatory this past week. Their ceremony and day was unique to me, I mostly had communication with Julia's mom up until the week before their big day because the wedding was being put on FOR the couple and not BY the couple. I had never done a wedding like this before. Normally the couple is putting on a wedding for them and their family and friends, not the other way around, but I totally relate to their style.

Because of this Julia and Tyler really only had one expectation for the day, that they would get married. No worrying about flower or decorations or seats or food, they only had to focus on what was important to them, which really was signing that marriage certificate and starting the rest of their lives together! Julia and Tyler met in the Peace Corps, so they are no strangers to adventure! And Dante's is definitely a beautiful adventurous location. A bumpy dirt drive up to a beautiful view of the mountains, surrounded by forest, with a ski lift chair just in reach for a few fun photos.

The love coming from all their guests, who due to covid had to be carefully selected to meet gathering requirements, was so powerful! The air was just buzzing with love of all kinds. I got some of my favorite photos of guests and wedding party members of all time because everyone was just so genuine, happy, and full of love all day! I couldn't fully tell this story without mentioning one wedding party member in particular, the flower girl Olivia! She was so adorable, practicing her twirls and flower throwing skills in the dressing room before the ceremony, after she had three assistants helping to get her all dressed up for her big role! She definitely added to the joyful buzz filling the air.

I just feel so special to have gotten to capture this unique day, and wish I had better words to fully capture the unique feeling that the day brought, but maybe the photos will tell what my words cannot. Congratulations Julia and Tyler! Off on the next great adventure!

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