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Katie + Bryan's Intimate Backyard Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I got married on a front porch, very intimate ceremony with very few people in attendance. I got home from work, threw my dress over my shoulder and went and got married.

Katie and Bryan's wedding day reminded me a lot of my own, but with more thought and flare put into everything haha. They got ready at Bryan's family home in Edgemont, east of Durango. They got ready in separate sides of the house and got married up the hill (the very steep hill haha) in the backyard.

However when I think of backyard weddings, I never picture what I saw at the top of that hill (much fancier than what we had put together for our backyard wedding haha). They had tied two aspen trunks together in a triangle as their arch, with flowers attached off center at the top and all around the base. The flowers by Floral Expressions in Bayfield were absolutely amazing! They really brought the whole look together.

Katie's hair looked effortlessly beautiful, styled by McKenna Thurston, and her dress was a beautiful light lace, all together she looked absolutely stunning!

They had a very intimate ceremony, I felt so honored to be a part of it. It was just the couple, their parents, the officiant and me. They put so much personalization into their little wedding, it was small but it had just as much heart and effort put into it as if there had been 100 people there watching. They had a champagne toast, they put three bottles of wine into a box to share on their first three anniversaries. Katie put a charm of her late father on her bouquet and they created a cairn to honor those not with them.

Katie and Bryan had such a heartwarming and beautiful day, and the perk for me of such an intimate wedding was that I got to know them even more. They even invited me (without my camera) to their small reception dinner at the Mahogany Grill that evening. That really showed me what kind of people they are that they would include me as another person and not a hired professional, to partake with them in something so special. I just cannot express enough how wonderful this wedding was, how full of spirit and warmth and love, you don't always need the huge tent or the elaborate cake or 200 of your friends and family to make it the most memorable occasion to celebrate your love together.