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Katie + DJ's Dreamy Cowboy Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Katie and DJ got married at Ridgewood Event Center on July 5th. It was such a beautiful day, Katie looked like a straight up vogue model in her dress, and everyone there was so nice and fun to work with! Katie is a triplet, her sister Lizzie got married earlier this year and her brother Cameron got married last year. This meant that Katie's wedding was the final wedding of the Wiegert triplets, and this resulted in a lot of wonderful stories during the reception. I teared up a bit when their step father spoke, stating that he had not spoken at either of the other two weddings, but now was speaking to all three of them about how they welcomed him into the family in such a wonderful way.

DJ is a member of the United States Marine Corps, and because of that Katie and DJ have been living in North Carolina, but both of them grew up around Durango. Knowing each other for so long also brought up some wonderful and some funny stories at the reception. My favorite story was about how long DJ has known that he was going to marry Katie, years ago before they were even dating he told Katie's mom Jill that he was in love with her daughter and that he wanted to marry her. He never gave up, and it made me feel like I was in a movie haha!

I had so so so much fun at this wedding, thank you so much Katie and DJ for letting me be a part of your day, it was so beautiful and I hope the images can convey a small portion of what an amazing day it was!

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1 Comment

Jul 10, 2019

So happy for you Katie! Thanks for giving me an "in" to see all of your beautiful photos of your day! :) You guys are shining with love and joy!

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