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Marie + Dave - Sweet Southern Love

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

This weekend we were in Charlotte North Carolina for our Up with People friend's wedding. My husband and I traveled with Marie in UWP in 2017 for about six months, so when she got engaged we were sooo excited. Then she asked me to shoot her wedding and my excitement level went through the roof. I LOVE getting to capture my friend's love. We had heard so much about Dave when traveling with Marie, he seemed like a really awesome guy. We got to Charlotte a few days early to check out all the venue's and help with some wedding prep and get to know the family and everyone. Dave definitely met and exceeded our expectations, he is such a wonderful human, we are so happy for he and Marie, they are ADORABLE together. I also got my first real experience at putting together a lot of wedding details, my wedding was so small and simple we didn't really get into details. We helped in the assembly line of putting together the program fans, Natan cut the corners to be rounded and I taped the back and front together around the popsicle stick. We made 140 of them, it was a process but it was actually really fun, and boy did the guests need them as fans! It was 90 degrees with 50% humidity on the wedding day, and coming from 50-60 degree weather in Durango lately, it was a bit of a shock haha. We survived though, having break times during portraits, lots of water and the adrenaline of wedding day adventures to distract from the heat all helped.

It was really such a beautiful day though despite the heat. Marie and Dave had a beautiful first look in front of this amazing window (so inside away from the heat), sharing personally written letters with each other. They were so cute, and it was all so beautiful. They had their ceremony in a little park near a river, and their reception a local brewery's brewery room where they got to choose all the beers to have on tap! It was so cool, and everything just really fit their personalities together. Congratulations Marie and Dave!!! Thank you for letting us be such a big part of your day, we had such a fun time hanging out with you all week. Can't wait to see where the future takes you two!