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Michelle + Justin - Love Through Rain or Shine

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Michelle and Justin hired me for their wedding about nine months ago, and I have loooved getting to know them over that time. Their love story is one of the cutest ever! Their engagement story is so awesome! As I've gotten to know Justin it has become apparent that he likes surprises and pranks. So now that I know him a little more their engagement story makes so much sense. He brought Michelle to the airport, told her what to pack just enough so she was prepared but had no idea where they were going. So when they arrived to their gate that said "PARIS" Michelle was totally floored. He flew her to Paris and proposed under the Eiffel Tower! As a surprise!!! So that gives you a little taste of how adorable they are. I had been looking forward to this wedding because of how warm and friendly these two have been to me.

When I showed up at their wedding I didn't feel like just another vendor, I felt like a friend. Michelle was a little worried about the rain, (okay very worried) and I tried to help let her know that it was going to all be fine. I felt like just another friend or family member trying to calm her nerves.

They had to set everything up and then take it all down due to weather, a few times, before the ceremony. Then when the ceremony started it was cloudy but fine. They each gave each other little surprises throughout the ceremony, Justin took off his vest to reveal neon green suspenders (his color), and Michelle surprised him back with vows specifically for Justin's son Landan which was so cute I'm pretty sure everyone cried.

Including the clouds.

Just as soon as they were nearing the end of their ceremony the heavens opened up and gave them a little water blessing. It may have seemed like the worst was happening at the time, pouring rain on your wedding day, but it ended up making the rest of the day that much more beautiful. Once the clouds parted, the light and feeling of the evening was absolutely magical! You know that fresh beautiful feeling after a good rain, now imagine the sun comes out and lights up the mountains, you and your new spouse and nothing else. I thought it was so beautiful and magical!

Michelle and Justin, I wish you all the happiness, love and fun surprises for the rest of your journey together. Remember the adventure is only beginning!

Check out their full video below and their sneak peak video above.

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