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Rainy Day Country Wedding

From the bride… Our wedding day was such bliss. It felt like just the best gift – surrounded by our friends and family, blessed by rain (which at the time I was anxious about, but ended up being the best thing in so many ways), and just beautiful and lush with big trees and the prettiest flowers.  It was colorful, personal, and meaningful. 

For Teel and I, we had waited a long time for the day to finally arrive and it was so much FUN to finally tie the knot to my best friend. I wouldn’t have changed one thing.

Putting together Layne and Teel's wedding video took me so long because I kept tearing up at how beautiful their day was.


Summer of 2018 was rough for Durango. The 416 fire had an effect on everything. We hadn't had rain in so long, which is why it raining on Layne and Teel's wedding day was especially magical.

I like to ask my brides and grooms to write each other letters on the morning of their big day. Only if they want to, but especially for weddings I am doing videography, these letters are so beautiful and add so much to the content for their video.

I loved Layne's letter so much, she spoke about the rain, and how much it had played a part in their story. How it had rained the first time she realized she was in love, it had rained when Teel asked her to marry him and now rain on their wedding day! I get tingles and choke up just thinking about it.

Layne and Teel incorporated many personal special details into their day... "We put a lot into the day that was special to us. I wore my grandmother’s pearl necklace (a gift from my granddad), my mother’s pearl earrings (a gift from my dad), and kept the handkerchief gifted to me from Teel’s grandmother close by through the day. Teel wore red Mickey Mouse socks - in remembrance of his grandpa – a gift from his grandmother who was not able to make it to the wedding. As guests walked into our wedding, next to our guest book we placed a new family bible for guests to highlight their favorite verse. In our ceremony, Teel and I took communion together while two of my cousins played “How He Loves.” We wrote our own vows, which I would recommend to everyone (be brave- it’s worth it!) because they were so special to each of us. One of our favorite things about our day overall was how much of our family helped put it together to make it perfect. My sister made all of our signs, my mom and I made the candle favors by hand, my good family friend did my hair and makeup, one of my cousins helped arrange the centerpieces, another cousin was our MC and DJ, and another cousin helped us make homemade yard games (Teel & I also made our own personalized corn hole boards). Teel’s uncle was our bartender, his dad and step-mom brought their chuckwagon to cook the BEST food, and his good family friend made our beautiful cakes. We also used Teel’s family china to eat with (all antique and several different collections! It was awesome). Every detail was exactly what we wanted."

I LOVE seeing my couples add so much personality and meaning into every aspect of their day, and when they can share with me all those details so I can capture them and use that to help tell their story.

Here is some Advice from Layne for others planning their wedding


– Make it yours. Get ideas from wherever you want to of course but keep it personal for the two of you. Whatever is uniquely yours as a couple/whatever type of food you like etc. – just make it personal to you guys. If there's anyone else that doesn’t love it, it is okay.

– Get the videographer! Seriously. This was something I did not plan on, and my mom basically talked me into splurging on it because she said I wouldn’t regret it. And of course, she was right – the day just flew by, but the video captures so much (including some things we didn’t get to see, like each other getting ready, guests throughout the night, etc.). We are 100% glad we decided to have video. Kara is AMAZING by the way and is so good to work with.

Try to slow down and enjoy it! It’s cliche, but the day absolutely does just fly by.


below are a few video stills taken from the footage from throughout the day.


Videography: Kara Cavalca Photo & Video – "The BEST around, and so sweet. We will treasure our video she made forever."

Flowers: April’s Garden. "I LOVED the flowers they put together, and Colleen went above and beyond (seriously, she did so much)."

Guest Lodging: Sky Ute Casino

Hair & Makeup: Cassidy Bach

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