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Ridgewood Event Center

Ridgewood Event Center has been one of my favorite venues to shoot this year. It is beautiful, has so many amazing diverse areas to shoot within walking distance of the ceremony and reception sites, and has amazing people running the show.

So I was very excited when I was invited to be a part of a super fun creative day of shooting multiple different brides, in beautiful dresses from Bri's Bridal, in different fun settings with artistic and creative themes! It was an all day shoot of just non stop creative fun!

My favorite thing about the day was the sense of family and friendship between everyone involved, Joan Alford who runs Ridgewood and Blue Lake Ranch, brought all these people together to create a little Ridgewood family. As much as I love this location and shooting fun things, this is what really got my attention was her plan about making a little vendor family. I truly believe every vendor involved in a wedding day has to work together as a team to give the couple the best experience possible, at the end of the day it isn't about us, it's about them, and the better we can all work together the better experience we can all deliver.

So enjoy this little photo and video snippet of a fantastic day in a beautiful and fun place.

Makeup: Rachael Ward

Horses: Amanda Schmitt

Dresses: Bri's Bridal