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Stefanie + Dalton's River Bend Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Where to even start talking about this day and this couple!

Stefanie and Dalton were one of my lucky couples who never had to change their wedding date due to covid this year, and they definitely deserved the amazing luck they got! These two are just about the sweetest people I have ever met!

Stefanie put SOOO much work into making the wedding of her dreams, full of symbolic messages and super personal meaningful details.

She decorated each table with hand painted lyrics from meaningful songs, old fashioned keys, beautiful toy cars, and personal details for each table.

Stefanie told me...

"I made all the parts of the centerpieces at my dad's garage with my family where we trimmed, cut, tacked, stained and sealed all of the "boxes". Dalton loves cars so we incorporated that as well and the antique keys that are hanging from the cars on tables 1-12 are all mine that I collected for my "birthday's plaque", so each key has the initials and family members birthday date on an engraved tag. Family means a lot to us and I'm glad we were able to incorporate everyone."


There were keys and arrows incorporated all over the place, the key was Stefanie's symbol and the arrow was Dalton's. She even handmade a beautiful copper key and arrow for their ceremony arch and Dalton helped surround the arch in more copper cables. And these things weren't a part of their wedding. because they are pretty and cool, just trust that almost every bit of their day was done with personal significant meaning.

Stefanie explained that...

"the arrow and keys are a symbol for me (key) and him (arrow). The arrow was always his favorite symbol because he is an archer, something I also have gotten into and we enjoy doing together. But 9 months before we got together, God gave me a picture of an arrow over and over and I never knew why until I met Dalton and he told me that was his "symbol". God was preparing me for him. I see it as God reassuring me he was the right man for me."


Copper was incorporated everywhere to celebrate Dalton as an electrician. Stefanie even hand made copper bracelets for all her bridesmaids (and hanging decoration for her bridesmates, aka brothers). Each handmade copper gift was twisted into a word, a specific word chosen for each girl with an explanation of why she chose that word. I didn't read any of the personal messages she wrote to her girls but they all cried so that told me all I needed to know. On top of the bracelets she also gave all her girls water bottles with tons of personally chosen and significant stickers, a notebook with beautiful words to them already written in there, and many more things. Seriously, I cannot express enough how thoughtful and amazing Stefanie is!

Then there was Dalton, just all day the sweetest person ever, always making sure everyone was doing well and that things were running smoothly. He thanked me for my work and told me how much they appreciated me so many times throughout the day, it was sooo nice, just the caring kind nature around Dalton was like the warm bubble of happiness! They seriously are SUCH a good match!

The whole day just flowed together, everything was beautiful and meaningful and joyful! There were many beautiful dedications to loved ones lost, Stefanie wore Dalton's mother's cross and they had the memorial table for Dalton's mother and Stefanie's little nephew right next to the cake behind the bride and groom table. They had toys for all the kids to play with. They just really put so much thought into everyone being included and happy.

I could go on and on about how amazing and wonderful their wedding day was, but I guess I can just let the photos speak for themselves, I cannot wait to finish the rest to keep sharing the joy from this day!!

Congratulations Stefanie and Dalton, you deserve all the happiness!