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Stephanie + John - Love is in Bloom

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

To say I loved this wedding would be an understatement. I am in love with this wedding, and this couple. I was straight up geeking out all day about how beautiful everything was, and how adorable they were. Stephanie looked absolutely AMAZING, her dress was so beautiful and elegant, I wish I had had her dress for my wedding, I want to steal it haha. Not only was it gorgeous but it also felt like it would be so comfortable when I held it, I loved the flowy texture and the thick high quality lace, and don't get me started on the buttons. I cried when she came out and showed her dress off to her bridesmaids, she just looked so amazing. Her hair, done by Hair Fusion's Alyssa, was fabulous! So many little curls placed together into an elegant bundle, (I also wish I could've had her hairstyle for my wedding haha).

There was never a moment all day that I felt in a rush, like things were getting hectic, or that time was running out. Everything just flowed together smoothly, I was able to take Stephanie and John aside for different portraits around the grounds as the light changed. They had their first dances as soon as we returned from their official portrait time, and danced outside in the sunlight which was absolutely beautiful. All the little girls threw flower petals from the ceremony as they danced, it was so fun and intimate but also casual and fun! It was such a great combination of everything I love in a wedding. Their ceremony went by in a flash! Thirty minutes goes by so quickly when filled with stories and love. Stephanie and John told stories as their vows, I had never heard someone do their vows this way before and I absolutely loved it. They planted seeds with the help of their parents to unify them in lieu of a candle or other unity practices. It was such a lovely ceremony. They added so many personal details, I love personal details! For example, John's tie clip was made of titanium crystals by his grandfather on the Kleespie side of his family, the other side of his family is Christensen, so he tied his tie in a christensen knot combining both sides of his family.

I grew up with John, we went to high school together, I can't ever remember him being as happy as he is with Stephanie. The way he looks at her, and just the way he is around her, just exudes pure happiness and love, such an adorable love. I hardly had to give them any direction when doing their portraits, I set them up in a pose and then I learned to just be quite and give them space while they went on being adorable. Only a few slight tweaks were needed between capturing their natural cuddly nature.

Wedding days like this are why I love my job! Thank you John and Stephanie for everything, for letting me open up my creative side and letting me be a part of such a wonderful day!

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