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Stormy + Joshua (Nacho) - Long Time Love

My husband and I technically got married twice, we got married, and then a year later we had a bit bigger wedding to celebrate with friends and family even though we had already been married for a year. Well Stormy and Joshua have us beat in many ways! They have been together for 20 years, and married for 3. Their wedding day however, didn't feel any different to me in terms of strength of love and emotion. Even though technically it was a vow renewal, it had all the same energy and attention to detail as any wedding I've ever seen.

My husband's family was not able to make it to either of our weddings, the teeny tiny one or the larger celebration, because they all live in Brazil. We always wanted to go down there to have another wedding, but as time passes I couldn't help thinking maybe it had been too long and we are missing the window. Stormy and Joshua have shown me that there is no window, there is no amount of time that is too long to stop and celebrate your love time and time again. I have another vow renewal later this year for a couple that has been married just about as long, and I am so excited, because I am now officially in love with vow renewals. I think it is such a wonderful idea. I know that weddings are EXPENSIVE and when you're young and wanting to get married, you don't always have the funds to throw the kind of celebration you want. I love the idea of getting married, and then having a wedding when you can afford it!

A wedding is a celebration of love, and these guys have so much love and celebration in them. The day was hectic, but what wedding day isn't?! They didn't let anything interfere with having an amazing ceremony, and epic party! And they had a lot of wonderful friends helping all throughout the day. You could tell, not only did they love each other an enormous amount, but they were loved as a couple an enormous amount. Congratulations Stormy and Joshua on pulling off an awesome day!

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