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Bitty Baby Wylan

I had some mini sessions set up a few months ago, and Cammie and her Husband Nathan signed up for a slot and planned to make their session into a mini maternity session. However little baby Wylan had different plans and apparently wanted in on the action, so he decided he'd like to come out a few days before the mini sessions were scheduled to happen.

Normally with my mini sessions, the sessions are scheduled on a certain day at certain times and if you book a slot and can't come your session fee acts as a cancellation fee. However due to the fact that this cancellation was completely out of their control, I let this cute little family schedule their for a different day.

So now instead of it being a maternity session, it became a little baby and family session! So Wylan got to be a much bigger part of the session that previously planned, and I think that made it so much more fun! He's just the cutest little bitty baby.

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