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Bri + Dalton

Have you ever tried to walk through almost waist deep snow without skis or snowshoes? It is HARD.

But I'll start at the beginning. Bri and Dalton wanted to have a couple session while Dalton was in town for the weekend, and guess whose idea it was to have a couple's portrait session? Dalton! I just had to say this because it is fairly rare that not only is the guy in the relationship excited about the session beforehand, but was the one who wanted it to begin with.

So we went up into the mountains to an area that is absolutely beautiful, but had a bit more difficult snow conditions than we had anticipated. Each step the snow would come up to our thighs! There were some spots that could support us, and that is where I had Bri and Dalton stand, but those spots seemed rare, I looked like a crazy person trying to move around to get different angles haha.

Bri and Dalton were sooo great about it though, willing to keep struggling through the snow to get the shot or even just to help me change my angle, and Bri is 5 month pregnant! So she was a real trooper trudging through this snow.

I was sooo excited how these images turned out, the light was great and the location was beautiful despite the difficult walking conditions in some places, and Bri and Dalton were just so cute laughing with each other! They are truly two awesome fun people.

Bri owns Bri's Bridal, so if you are in need of any kind of formal wear head over to her because she is the best and so so sweet. I was so happy to have gotten to shoot with these two!

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