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Dana + Derek Cascade Village Elopement

So I have to admit, I was not having the best day before I went to Dana and Derek's elopement. I was frustrated by technical difficulties in editing, then I found out the school behind my house might be rebuilt in a way that is very upsetting to me, and overall I was just pretty frustrated and down.

I even tried breathing and smiling exercises on my drive to their venue, and they didn't seem to be helping. I knew I would be able to capture everything beautifully, but just really wanted to be in a better mood.

Well now I know that it doesn't matter if I am in a bad mood if I have an amazing couple to work with, because all those negative feelings melted away instantly the second I saw these two love birds!

I just became overwhelmed with their adorableness and joy! I was filled with happiness and excitement the moment they stepped out of their car and all worries evaporated immediately. If only I had an amazing beautiful little wedding like theirs to pick me up any time I am down.

Dana and Derek had the most beautiful little ceremony, super intimate and fun. The weather was amazing, the mountains looked beautiful and the aspens even without their leaves were magical and stunning! (Aspens are beautiful year round!) There was a beautiful crispness to the air, but not cold, and everyone was just buzzing with happiness and excitement!

The joy in the air was palpable. Cascade's meadow overlooking the twilights and engineer was breathtaking, the flowers by Adela Floral were stunning as always, and Dana and Derek just looked beautiful together!

We started off with bride and groom portraits, and then a pre ceremony toast. Everyone gathered around to share a moment before the ceremony began, it felt so beautifully calm and excited all at the same time!

Their adorable fur baby had on his formal tie. Dana was wearing a beautiful a flower from her mother's wedding dress in her hair and her grandmother's pearl earrings. Her dress was so beautiful and cute at the same time, elegant and fun, and to me everything just vibed together so perfectly!

Their ceremony was beautiful, put together with the help of multiple family members if I understood correctly. Every story, blessing and reading flowed together wonderfully and gave you a peek into the lives and loves of this beautiful couple.

After their ceremony we got to celebrate with another champagne toast that was popped and sprayed in celebration with everyone in the background cheering! It was a short one for me, but there was no shortage of joy, beauty and love!

Congratulations Dana and Derek on your beautiful union!

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