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Emma + Cameron Cascade Glacier Wedding

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Emma and Cameron are such a wonderful, down to earth, fun couple. Emma is an independent introvert and Cameron is a curious and kind hearted individual. They love to travel with each other, experiment with healthy meals, and listen to electronic music. They are adventurous spirits, so getting married in the mountains of Colorado was a perfect fit!

They wanted to celebrate their day right, but also didn't put too much pressure on anything. I really had the vibe that as long as they were married at the end of the day that was really all that mattered, and that is the best vibe for a couple to have.

They had a beautiful ceremony up at Cascade Village in their gorgeous meadow surrounded by beautiful mountain views and yellow fall aspens, their arch and aisle were lush with beautiful fall florals by Natalie at Adela Floral. They could only have 15 close friends and family at their ceremony, making it extremely personal and intimate.

After they shared their beautiful vows (seriously, they are wordsmiths, beautiful vows!), exchanged rings and kisses, after we took many beautiful photos of them and their guests, we headed down to the Glacier Club for their reception.

We were welcomed in by a beautiful welcome sign made by Cameron's brother, each place setting was decorated with a beautiful little herb bundle made by Cameron's mother. It was all very beautiful and elegant.

Cameron and Emma's bride and groom table was placed right in front of a gorgeous fireplace. On their table were beautiful antique champagne glasses and ice bucket from Cameron's grandmother.

Overall the feeling in the room was just warm, friendly, and joyful! It was very clear Cameron and Emma were extremely loved by their friends and family. The number of people who got up to toast them, telling beautiful and funny and meaningful stories, really showed how important Cameron and Emma were in their guests lives and how much their guests shared in their joy.

Congratulations Emma and Cameron on a beautiful wedding day, and I hope you have the most wonderful life together!!!