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Harms Family / Trevor Senior Shoot

I've known the Harms family for a long time. Last time I did a family session, the Harms brothers, Trevor and Brayden, were in that "I don't want to stand near my brother" phase of siblinghood haha.

I actually remember photoshopping a photo for them to make Trevor and Brayden closer together in that particular photo because it was easier to photoshop it than to get them to stand near each other haha.

This time we were incorporating Trevor's senior photos into the family shoot, and the brothers were much more willing to interact with each other!

This family is ALL about adventure, to give you a small idea (because there are many stories of big adventures with this family), one year they rode the Quarter Horse (part of an annual bike race from Durango to Silverton through the mountain passes) with their downhill skis strapped to their backs and then spent the day skiing. They are adventure animals! So the outdoors are very important to them.

They had found a spot off the side of the road with a nice view of Engineer Mountain, because that was an important peak to Trevor and he wanted that in the background of his senior photos.

There was a LOT of snow out there, and of course the best photo spots were off the road, down the hill, through the deep snow. I wouldn't take too many family sessions to a place like this, because it was not easy to get down to the good spots, but sure enough they were all totally up for the challenge of trudging through the snow and over the logs and rocks to get to those cool places to get the cool photos.

They were willing to do all the things to get the cool photos. I was about to ask my brother who was assisting me at the time to throw some snow up in the air for a cool photo of Trevor, when Dan, Trevor's Dad pulled out a snow shovel and said he would do it! He started throwing SHOVELS full of snow at Trevor haha, and that is how all the snow fights started.

You can tell from the photos how much fun they had throwing snow at each other, pushing each other into the snow, etc. It was the right location for this adventurous fun family, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.

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