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I love snow, I have always loved snow, but we have had a few years here in Durango where we had hardly any snow here in town. I didn't realize how much I missed it until it snowed sooo much this year. I absolutely loved it, I could feel myself come alive as it was snowing. I recently went to the chiropractor for severe back pain, apparently I sit at the computer too much editing. So as I type this I am at a standing desk, it is pretty nice, but anyway the reason I am saying this is that I now have to go to the chiropractor three times a week for three months. The chiropractor I am seeing is only five blocks away from my house, so I walk. Even if it was snowing like crazy I would walk. Those mornings where I would have to walk through tunnels of snow, and felt like I had an inch on me by the time I got there, were the best mornings! I felt so giddy walking in the beautiful snow, anyone I saw out was so friendly because not many people were braving the weather to go out so it was like we shared something just by both being out.

Then there were the nights! Valentine's day my husband and I were going to go to the movies, but the movies were closed. It was snowing really heavy snow, the drive back felt like an adventure! Everything feels like an adventure in the snow. So to make up for there being no movie to go to, we made Valentine's special by taking photos in the snow and making trees explode with snow by shaking their heavy limbs until they bounced up without the weight of the snow. It has been hard for me letting go of the snow and getting in the spring mindset. I think I'm finally getting there, but I still kind of feel like the kids in frosty the snowman saying goodbye to a dear friend for a while.

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