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John + Anita 50th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal

I love photographing weddings, the electricity in the air of starting this new life journey together, the excitement of what is to come!

But John and Anita’s day was a little different, as it was not a wedding but a vow renewal on their 50th anniversary.

The air was still charged with joy and love, but it was of having already shared such a wonderful life journey together so far, and what all had already come as well as what is to come.

The kicker was that John and Anita were under the impression the celebration was just an anniversary party, so the ceremony and vow renewal was all a surprise! Put together by their loving family and friends.

The celebration was put on at Elks Picnic Ground near Bayfield Colorado. A beautiful location with the river running through it, made all the more beautiful by the numerous floral arrangements by Adela Flora adorning every surface and structure, as well as the beautiful planning as design by Pop of Pink Events.

Their ceremony was playful and fun, making up vows on the spot and laughing with each other and friends. Their son officiated their little ceremony and multiple family members came up to speak and sing to them.

It was a beautiful day, full of warm love and kindness. I feel like I was looking through rose colored glasses the whole time.

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