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Johnson House Fun - Portrait Session

I love lifestyle photography, capturing a family in their own space, where they are most comfortable. This shoot at the Johnson house was so fun because it felt like just hanging out for the day, taking some fun portraits, chasing little girls around the house with my camera, setting up fun poses and making them feel like little models. The house belonged to my friend Kate's dad, and the whole session started from wanting to get a portrait of Kate and her daughter Camila that looked like a portrait of Kate's late mother and her first born son. After we got the image, it was just fun portraits around the house the rest of the time. When I first got there, Camila came straight up to me and asked if I had brought the decorations, nobody knew what this meant haha. I pulled my fairy lights and crystals out of my bag and handed them to her as decorations and she said in the most adorable little voice "you brought the decorations! I am so proud of you" so you could say we started off really well haha.

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