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Katerina + TJ Adventure Session

There is a gorge up in the mountains north or Durango, and in this gorge or canyon, not sure the exact right word for it, but there are these waterfalls. Cascade Falls, they are beautiful! Many people jump these falls in the summer, but in the winter they are frozen and gorgeous!

It is a bit of a hike down to these falls, especially in the winter with all the snow and ice, but it gets even trickier when you are wearing clothes and shoes for an engagement session!!! Katerina was a beast maneuvering around all the steep icy climbs down to and up from the falls in her heels, carrying all our props. TJ was so great at supporting her, and climbing down and up himself while carrying all their clothing options!

We made it down to the falls and luckily we had warmed up quite a bit on our hike down there because it was preeettyyy chilly. Which makes sense when you're standing next to giant walls of ice. Katerina even did a full outfit change into and out of a beautiful green dress, these guys were literally up for anything, which made this shoot so much fun!!!

It also made it so fun that they are an extremely attractive couple, after we got back into town after the session we all came inside to warm up a bit in my house, and when they left my husband mentioned how I must've had a great time because they were such an attractive couple.

Adventure sessions are so fun, it might take a little more effort and time to get to these awesome places but the imagery is soooo amazing and the journey to get there is always fun even if it's hard. Thank you guys for adventuring with me!

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