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Korman Maternity Session at Cascade

I love these two, Dan and Hannah are some of the greatest humans I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I shot their wedding video and then had the absolute privilege of working with them on their maternity photos. Hannah wanted to get maternity portraits at Cascade Falls, I loved the idea, but was so glad it was her who suggested it haha. It was a little nerve wracking hiking down a canyon in the snow with a very pregnant woman and all my camera gear, I just wanted to make sure she was okay the whole way down, but I didn't have too many hands to help. We got down there no problem though, and Dan even had to take their older dog back up midway down and come to meet us. I love having dads involved in the maternity session as well, I am glad that is getting more popular, because it is still his child even if it is not his belly. They both were so great with climbing around on the ice, exploring the wintery wonderland that is the Colorado mountains. Then we went back to their house and took more photos in their yard and on their deck, it is difficult to stop taking photos of them because they are just so adorable!

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