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Sarah + Nate Mountains and Waterfalls Engagement Session

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I love the mountains, I mean who couldn't living in Durango. I am constantly in awe of how lucky we are to live so close to such natural beauty.

I just couldn't believe how gorgeous these photos of Sarah and Nate were, already in the first 20 minutes of their engagement session, we had enough amazing imagery that we could have wrapped up for the day and been totally satisfied, that's how beautiful everything was! But of course, if you will give me more time to photograph beautiful couples in beautiful scenery I will do it!

So not only were Sarah and Nate adorable and up for anything the whole shoot, they brought their adorable fur babies along to help them celebrate their engagement! And they had these cute little bandanas for them that said "our humans are getting married" so cute!

After we frolicked in the mountain for a bit, Sarah and Nate were willing to go on a little adventure with me to cascade falls! I love this spot because it is relatively easy to get to and it feels so magically beautiful. Really all the locations we went to on this adventure engagement session were magically beautiful and all easy to reach from Durango. I just can't believe we are so lucky to have these amazing views and locations so accessible, practically in our back yard!

Thank you Sarah and Nate for going on this adventure with me, I am so in love with your photos so far! I can't wait to edit the rest!

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