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Tanaya + Alejandro Engagement Session

Tanaya and Ale were soooo much fun to adventure in the snow with. They came to my house so that we could carpool for their session, and they were so friendly and open right off the bat. We got to talking in the car and it felt like instant friends!

This is winter, so one of the first locations I brought them to already required walking through some snow, adventuring off into the woods, and they were so great about it, up for anything. After the first few photos, I just had to show them the back of my camera so they could see how dang cute they were! I think I told them they were cute about a million times throughout the session, because they just oozed cuddles and love.

They let me know quickly how comfortable they were with me, and how important that had been to them to find a photographer for their wedding that set them at ease and made them feel comfortable and calm. I was sooo happy to hear that I made them feel that way, I would have no idea that they didn't consider themselves naturals in front of the camera because they were just so fun and easy to shoot with! They took my directions so well and then let them evolve on their own into beautiful moments.

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