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Ty & Richard's "Engagement" Session

I say "engagement" session because these guys have already been married for five years. However they are having a wedding in September! I totally relate to this way of doing things, my husband and I got married and then had a larger wedding later after we had already been married a while, and we plan to have another wedding one day in Brazil where he is from, but we haven't gotten to that quite yet. Ty and Richard met me along the river trail to take in some of the lush green that is booming there. Since their wedding is in September this will give them a great combination of summer green and fall colors!

I love all their cute snuggle poses, they were the best models! Not to mention Ty's eyes look amazing, (her makeup skills are incredible) and she has one of the best serious model faces I've seen, though her smile and laugh are equally beautiful. So excited for their wedding!!!

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