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Baby Barnes

A few years ago I shot a wedding video that was very meaningful and special to me. A very close family friend was getting married, obviously special, but what made it a true magical story was what they had overcome to get there.

If you'd like to read their wedding story click HERE

And now their story is just getting sweeter and sweeter, because now they are a little family of three! And of course again they had to overcome some medical things to get here, little baby Audrey had to be in the NICU for about a month I believe.

So when I came to shoot their baby photos, they hadn't even been home from the hospital that long, so between that and covid, I was one of the first people who got to see their little bundle of joy, I felt so special! OMG she is so cute, and already as I write this she has gotten bigger and cuter. It was so much fun capturing this new little family, this new cute little face.

When I first got to the shoot, little Audrey was still very sleepy, so we got some cute snuggly sleepy shots. But soon enough she started to wake up more and her little personality started to come out.

Audrey's grandma had made an adorable little cow hat for her, because Erin and Gus live on ranch land a little ways out of town with lots of cows!

I could NOT take enough photos of this girl in this hat, she was making a new cute or silly little face every second. I swear culling this shoot was sooo hard because she just made so many different little faces.

Congratulations Erin and Gus on making such a wonderful little person, I cannot wait to see her personality grow and take shape more and more!!!

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Lynda Ferrell Shuler
Lynda Ferrell Shuler
May 16, 2021

These baby pics are fabulous!

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