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Weddings and COVID-19

I call this pose, social distancing chic

First of all I hope you are safe and well!

I know this pandemic has turned things upside down and crazy for everyone, but especially all of the couples with weddings this year who now have huge decisions to make! It is stressful enough planning a wedding without the world collapsing around you as well.

For couples stressing as they look at the news, as of right now there may be some other options for what can be done for your wedding in this awful situation.

I know lots of couples choose their date because it has an important meaning or connection for them. By switching over to an elopement or very intimate style wedding you could keep your wedding date (which would turn into your anniversary date) intact. Then, later on when everything has blown over and it is safe, you could throw a larger party with everyone who couldn't make it to your wedding due to all these restrictions and safety measures.

This way you still get to get married on the day you were planning, just a little differently.

I personally had a very small wedding, we had under 10 people even though there were no health regulations about that, we just wanted a small wedding just for us. One year later we had a larger celebration and invited lots of friends and family. So I highly recommend this route, it was so great having one intimate celebration that was all about us celebrating us, then another larger one that was about us celebrating with others.

Depending on situations with vendors or your personal preference, you could go into the mountains, valleys or deserts to do a beautiful little elopement or intimate wedding. We can still capture getting ready imagery, ceremony imagery, portraits, and even some after the fact celebration stuff if you'd like. I am also willing to include a full ceremony video to anyone who chooses to do this, so that everyone who cannot attend can at least see the video of the ceremony. Then, if you choose to have a large party later, to celebrate with everyone who couldn't make it, I am willing to cover that as well. We can split up the hours you purchased into those two separate dates however you would like!

If you plan on rescheduling to a new date, keep me informed! I’ve just started booking 2021 so I don't have too many 2021 bookings set yet, and am now giving first choice to 2020 couples who were affected by this shutdown. Like I said before, I will just change your date in my calendar to whatever you choose at no extra cost.

Now, if you don't want to do an elopement, and don’t plan to use me for your later date, or you are choosing to go a totally different direction, I understand. But, I don't want your retainer or any monies paid to be lost. So I am offering you a Kara Cavalca Photo+Video Gift Certificate equal to the amount you have already paid. This gift certificate is valid toward any sessions, products, or video services. I normally have expiration dates on all my gift certificates but due to this unique situation yours will not expire. Let me know if you'd like to consider this option.

You can use this gift certificate for a number of different things.

1. Portrait Sessions: This means family, baby, couple, maternity, beauty, personal branding, head shots--whatever you want! Then you can get lots of digitals, or prints, or wall art for your home. Pricing for all of this can be found here: Portrait Price Guide.

2. You could get a full Boudoir Package: These can run up into the $4000 range, so this is a really fun option. You can look at more pricing for boudoir HERE or Boudoir Price Guide.

3. You could get an Adventure Photo Video Combo shoot of the two of you in the mountains or in the desert. I would have you write letters to each other and read them to use as audio underneath the video, and we would put together a fun adventure day that fits your personality, story and relationship as a whole.

I really want to make this process as stress free and smooth as possible for all my couples going through this traumatic time. I hope these ideas can help alleviate some anxiety from my end. Let’s plan some fun together!

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