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Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020!!!

2019 was a big year, lots of stuff happened!!!

I had the opportunity to shoot over 20 weddings, and countless fun portrait sessions, and therefore made many new and meaningful friendships!

I had my first big travel wedding in North Carolina! So traveling to shoot weddings is now officially a legitimate option!

Natan and I moved out of our little shed home and moved into an adult house! We are adulting for real now. And with this house came the opportunity for me to have a real office and fun "studio" spaces around the house!

We have put a lot of work into our house already, but have a long way to go as all homeowners do haha.

Natan was promoted to wine manager at Star Liquors (the best liquor store in town, I may be bias, but it's true haha), and I landed the cover photo of

Durango Weddings Magazine's 2020 issue!

We had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new house, lots of fun new

hosting experiences!

2020 will also be a big year, we already have a lot planned!!!

For those of you who don't know I am a leap day baby, which means I will have a birthday in 2020!!! I will be turning 7, and to celebrate Natan and I are going on a cruise with a bunch of other leap day babies!

I already have lots of weddings planned for 2020 and more rolling in! I will be participating in the Durango Weddings Expo for the third year in a row, and am excited to show off the new magazine cover!

One wedding I am very excited about in March will involve skiing and snowboarding! I am always up for new challenges and experiences and am so excited to capture the adventurous side of this couple coming down the mountain!

Natan will continuing his journey in the world of wine by studying for his first level sommelier certification!

With my new at home studio space, I call my boho room, I am starting to venture into the world of Boudoir!!! I am very passionate about this subject and have been since college so I am very excited to dive back into the subject of female sexuality! My website is live and you can read more about this new side of my business and what it means to me HERE

I have decided to try doing mini sessions every month to help spread the joy of beautiful imagery to those who are on a bit tighter budget either with time or money! Read more about mini sessions HERE and keep up to date with new events and promotions on my newsletter (and subscribing also comes with two free photo guides)!


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